Terms of use

Bunny Hear App Terms and Conditions

1. Understanding and Accepting these Terms

The company Aurismart Ltd. (Referred as “we” for subsequent sections) provides the user(referred as “you”) services in accord to these terms on mobile phones as “Bunny Hear App” on App Store and Google Play and also the company website(URL: www.aurismart.com, referred as “website” in subsequent sections).

Downloading the application and starting to use this service means that you have thoroughly read, understood, and accepted the content and terms of this contract. These terms are applied to all visitors, users and those who access the website. We reserve the right to make any changes to the terms and conditions at any time and if so, we will announce the changes on the “Bunny Hear App” or the website. You should read and understand the announcement if it has been made or review the newest version of the Terms and Conditions. Any changes would take place within one week after its announcement. If you do not agree with any of the changes, then you terminate your usage of this service. If not, then it is considered that you have accepted these terms and changes.

Also, this service is provided without membership system, anyone who can download from the App Store or Google Play can have access these services. (Unless the user bought the app from App Store or Google Play, then membership still applies to those accounts, but still there is no membership connection between them and us.

2. “Bunny Hear App” Privacy Policy and Personal Data

We and “Bunny Hear App” have our own privacy policy agreement. When you begin to use this service, you will have also understood and accepted the privacy policy. The privacy policy is about data collection, usage, and transfer, including international transfer and storage, and also for our internal use.

3. Usage Notice

“Bunny Hear App” does not require sign up to use, any use user can use it on their device.

i. You understand and accept that different devices have different listening hardware, and also of different environments, we cannot guarantee the quality of the recording. We and “Bunny Hear App” use the recordings and results as feedback to remind you about environmental changes, including words, pictures and sounds. The information we provide is not guaranteed to be completely accurate with your environment. Please use with caution. The feedback notifications about the decibels are not verified by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, M.O.E.A., so they are only for reference, not for other use.

ii. You have understood and accepted that any information on our website and “Bunny Hear App” are not professional advice, and cannot be taken as medical advice, including but not limited to health, legal, financial, psychological advice. This is only for sharing, if you need help, then this cannot serve as a replacement for professional advice, you still need to seek professional help. We do not guarantee the accuracy and suitability of the information in our services, website, or content and take no responsibility in them.

iii. You understand and accepted that you will not use “Bunny Hear App” for illegal purposes and in any illegal way, and also agree to follow the laws of Republic of China and all related international customs of internet use. If you are not from the Republic of China, then you agree to follow your own country’s or region’s law.

iv. You understand and accept that we and “Bunny Hear App” are not able to provide our services continuously without interruption.

4. Cache Data

We use cookies on our website and cache data on the app (referred as “cache”). They are for improving user experience and collecting data (including user data) and storing on user’s device.

Cache is for tracking user activity on our website and for us to analyze to provide a better service, more complete service. If you do not accept to our cache settings, you can choose to deny it in the browser settings. However, this could affect the user experience on the website and on the app or we could not provide the service to you.Disclaimer

5. Disclaimer

I. You understand and accept that we and “Bunny Hear App” take no responsibility in the service we provide, including but not limited to the accuracy of the content, suitability for commercial purposes, and not damaging others’ rights. To use this service, you have agreed to take responsibility for any risks and damages that may occur. Also, we and “Bunny Hear App” cannot guarantee to include but not limited to the following items:

You understand the limitations stated and accept that our company, related enterprises, and authorized personnel cannot guarantee the following:

i. Any of the products, information, services, or other data you have received would fulfill your expectations or needs;

ii. Our service could be provided at any time or place without interference and run flawlessly, safely, and continuously;

iii. Any mistakes are all corrected;

iv. Has no malware or harmful software within the service;

v. Consistency across all devices, due to the differences in hardware over different devices, our may be not consistent;

vi. Does not interfere with the data upload and download of the device, neither guarantee that the service would not have any interruptions, malfunction, or affecting the user experience of the device, suspension of notifications, data loss, mistakes, overwritten data, or economic loss.

You should be aware of preventive measures during the usage of the app “Bunny Hear App”. We do not take any responsibility for any damages caused by the usage (or unable to use) the service. We do not provide refunds or compensate for any damages.

II. You understand and accept that any of the notifications and feedback from our service has be determined by yourself on its accuracy. Also, you accept any affects the notifications has on your life and that you will be responsible for any claims or legal action against us or “Bunny Hear App”.

III. You understand and accept that we the company, and its subsidiaries, related enterprises, management, employees, agents, partners, and authorized personnel all have no direct responsibility, indirect responsibility, or punitive damage responsibility.

6. Intellectual Property

“Bunny Hear App” and its content, software, and app including all but not limited to publications, pictures, documents, data, information, website content, website framework, and website layout are all part our intellectual property. This also includes but not limited to trademark, patent, and copyright.

7. Not for Commercial or Noncommercial Use

Without our permission or legal consent, you are not allowed to copy, modify, sell, trade, transfer or commercialize any part of this service or save data (including mobile phone notifications and feedback software), otherwise the we will take legal action for the damages.

8. Changes or End of Service

“Bunny Hear App” reserves the right to end the service at any time without notice for changes, temporally or permanent cessation of service (or part of the service). You accept that we and “Bunny Hear App” do not have any responsibility for the changes and/or cessation of service to you or any other third-parties.

9. Termination or Decline of Service

You accept that we can for any reason including but not limited to violating the Terms and Conditions, terminating our service and “Bunny Hear App” to you. “Bunny Hear App” can terminate any of its users’ service with or without prior notification. You understand that any services provided or stated in these terms can be terminated without prior notice. Also, you agree that in case this service is terminated, “Bunny Hear App” has no responsibility for you or any third-party, nor would provide any refunds.

You agree and ensure that you will not use this service to harm others’ rights or conduct any illegal activity, including but not limited to:

i. Use another person identity, or IP address to use “Bunny Hear App” or its services;

ii. Transfer or spread computer or mobile virus or malware;

iii.Intend to harm or harming us, “Bunny Hear App”, or any other users;

iv. Any other activities that we or “Bunny Hear App” consider improper conduct.

All activities stated above does not represent us or “Bunny Hear App” nor do we always have to audit the user’s activity. The user, you, have to take responsibility for your actions and usage of the service.

10. Governing law and competent court

The Terms and Conditions are explained and applied, and if in the case of dispute, all legal procedures will be done under the law of the Republic of China, and take place at Taiwan Taipei District Court as the court of first instance.

11. Others

Under the condition of us, the company, not defending our rights in every instance or taking immediate action does not mean that we have renounced our rights. In case of any of the clauses being struck down as unlawful or ineffective by the court, it does not affect any of the other clauses or its effects in this Terms and Conditions.

This Terms and Conditions states the complete contract between the you and the company Aurismart Ltd. and its website.

When using the website, there may be other conditions that need to be followed and may be announcements there also. Those, too, are part of the terms.

If there are any problems, please contact customer service of “Bunny Hear App” at service@aurismart.com.