Safely & Soundly

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Safely & Soundly is a smart app that uses AI sound recognition technology to notify important environmental sounds on the road in various ways other than hearing it by us.
Including car horn, grade crossing warning, ambulance alarm bells, and other sounds from the street, we allow the user to travel the road safely and have the rights to receive audio information even when not hearing it. It also notifies people when detecting human voices and smoke alarms.


There are three methods of notification and seven types of sound detections, when multiplied together, it provides a variety of combinations.

Safely & Soundly can help

  1. By listening to its surroundings, artificial intelligence is used sound identification, which then notifies the user with alerts, vibrations, and light flashes in order to remind them of the vehicles, emergency sirens or simply car horns.
  2. Able to standby for long periods, even an entire day without recharging the phone as it has a low power consumption.
  3. Even on noisy roads, Safely & Soundly can still accurately provide sound notifications under interference.
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They cannot be used at the same time.
"Safely & Soundly" uses the microphone for sound detection, and the microphone is already in use during calls or video calls.
After the call, "Safely & Soundly" will automatically resume using the microphone and continue the sound notification service.
Sometimes "Safely & Soundly" cannot access the microphone, and a message will appear: "Microphone path changed, please click here to restart the sound notification service".

When it detects motion, the app will automatically ask whether to turn on the sound detection notifications.
Also, as the sounds from ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars may vary over different areas, the GPS would be required for accurate detection.

Of course! But please remember to turn off the voice navigation,
so that "Safely & Soundly" can use the microphone to detect the surrounding sounds.

When riding a motorcycle or bicycle, please put your mobile phone on the mobile phone holder.
When sounds are detected, the mobile phone screen will flicker a notification;
select "Vibrate", then the mobile phone will vibrate the handle;
it is recommended to turn off the "Flash" so as not to affect other passers-by!

Please put your mobile phone on the mobile phone holder. When sounds are detected, the mobile phone screen will flicker with a notification;
if you are worried that the screen is not flickering enough, you can also select the "Flash" alert, and place a reflective object,
such as a small mirror or reflective aluminum foil, in the direction of the flash projection of the phone.
This way the flash effect will be more noticeable.
Some cars are so well insulated that your phone can't hear outside sounds. Please open the windows a bit to let the sound come in, so that "Safely & Soundly" can detect sounds!

When an ambulance arrives at an intersection, it sometimes changes to the sound of a police car or a fire truck.
Please bear with "Safely & Soundly" which can only listen but not see.

When not in need of this service, please close the "Safely & Soundly" APP (that is, slide the APP away!)
In this way, "Safely & Soundly" will not remind you. To continue the service,
"Please click here to start the sound notification service", and you have to open the APP yourself.

Android version
*Android version*
After both notifications are turned off, only the screen will flicker, and a message will pop up as a reminder:

Tap "Yes", and the phone will maintain the vibration/flash notification function;
tap "No", and the phone will not vibrate/flash.
*iOS version*
*iOS version*
When you turn off the "vibration" notification, a message will pop up to remind you:

Tap"Yes", then the phone will maintain the vibration notification function;
tap"No", then the phone will not vibrate.

"Safely & Soundly" will notify you when it detects someone talking.
The default is that after three consecutive notifications of the human voices,
it will stop the alerts for a while.
If you still need to know whether someone is still talking, then turn off and on the microphone and it will reset.
If you want to turn it off this function or turn it back on, go to the "Preferences" to choose!

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