About Us

  • Use artificial intelligence technology to provide innovative sound notification services
  • Accurately identify ambient sounds in daily life to enhance life experience
  • Combining technology and human nature, attends to the needs of diverse groups

Company's History

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      Award 2023 "Global Health Longevity Grand Challenge"

      Award 2023 "Global Health Longevity Grand Challenge" by NAM (US National Academy of Medicine). "Using Sound Technology to Detect Abnormalities in the Daily Life of Elderly Living Alone" has been awarded

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      "Safely & Soundly" APP launched

      The mobile APP that notifies important road sound information such as ambulance, police car, fire engine warning sound, and other sounds can accurately notify on noisy roads, and the battery of a mobile phone is sufficient for continuous use for 24 hours.

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      NTU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Carnival

      After the trial of Safely & Soundly is completed, we return to NTU to introduce our latest technology services and look forward to more like-minded partners joining us.

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      General Assembly of Taiwanese Deaf Alliance

      Invited to the General Assembly of Taiwanese Deaf Alliance. Introduce our services to members and listen to their feedback.

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      Good service, share with good friends

      Good service should be known to those who need it. We go around and participate in activities for hearing-impaired friends to introduce our services. Affected by the epidemic, we have also switched to online activities. The scene changes, but the service is not limited.

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      ​​Exhibiting for the first time

      After hard work, make some achievements, participate in the entrepreneurial exhibition and face the market.

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      Establish a company

      Joining the NTU Corporate Accelerator Program, we set up a company and started an entrepreneurial journey.

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      Friends with hearing loss look forward to hearing the sound of car horns and ambulances while walking on the road. We started researching, designing prototype services, and participating in competitions.

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