From the expectations of the deaf, to the needs of everyone, we hereby announce…

Utilizing AI Sound Recognition Improving Lives of All

Importance of Ambient Sound

Being the best medium for communication, it relays information flawlessly, playing a key role in our lives.
Sound has no blind spots, no hidden sources, and by doing so, allows us to know the changes of our surroundings and then respond.
sound wave

Sound Capture Through Technology

Capture sound using exclusive mechanics, and then AI can distinguish what they are and notify us. A service APP able to monitor sounds and notify in real time remotely greatly enhances the user at realizing environments and brings a secure and safe life.

Technical Features

light weight

Lightweight Model

With a streamlines model, the AI model can be done on any device. With minimal power consumption, portable devices can run with little burden, and even run offline.

Directional Detection

Direction of incoming sounds are also detectable. Users are can access this information.

Accurate Identification

Even in a noisy place, insignificant sounds do not perturb the process. The service can still do it job accurately.

Service In Progress

Safely & Soundly APP Traffic operates on knowing the sounds around them, and people may mishear, which endangers them to the vehicles on the road.
Safely & Soundly APP handles several microphones to relay the dangers from the street to the users, so various warning signs can be detected even if we did not hear it, and therefore we can know the road condition with better safety.
Mock-up image of the Safely and Soundly app.
Mock-up image of the Bunny Hear app.
Bunny hear APP The first mobile APP for aiding the hearing-impaired.
Through the detection of surrounding sound, the users are reminded by vibrations on the phone and flashing lights. Users can nows know the sound changes even without hearing aids.

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